A Memorial Tree at Chesterfield Crematorium

Why have a Memorial Tree?

Chesterfield Crematorium is proud of its beautiful grounds, full of a wide variety of trees, shrubs and bedding areas.

These are award winning grounds with the national Green Flag Award being presented to the Crematorium in recognition of the standards achieved. In particular, we have many mature trees of different varieties planted in the grounds of the Crematorium.

We have developed a scheme that allows families to adopt one of our a trees for a period of 10 years. These memorial trees have proved very popular and are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one.


  • We offer 10 year adoptions for trees that are not already adopted.
  • A bronze plaque with a personalised inscription up to 120 characters.
  • During the lease period our dedicated Gardeners will take care of the tree.

Order process

The download Order Form provides a simple way for you to order your Memorial Trees.

Download the Memorial Tree application form [pdf / 145KB]


From 1st January 2020

Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees – 10 year adoption£706
Memorial Trees – Renewal for a further 10 years£172

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