A row of Memorial Sanctums

Why have a Memorial Sanctum?

Many families like the comfort of knowing exactly where their loved ones cremated remains lie and want a more traditional granite memorial and inscription.

Our Sanctums are an above ground vault, large enough to securely house two sets of cremated remains in standard sized caskets or polytainers and can be leased for 5 or 10 years.

Chesterfield Crematorium has developed an area in one of the rose beds in the grounds where the Sanctums will be placed in an arched pattern amongst the roses in this area.


  • The Sanctum includes a large granite plaque on which you can add your own personalised inscription.
  • If you wish, you can also add an image of your choice to the plaque, creating a very personal memorial.
  • Each image is individually priced dependant on design.

Order process

The download Order Form provides a simple way for you to order your Memorial Sanctums.

Download the Memorial Sanctum application form [pdf / 147KB]


From 1st January 2020

Memorial Sanctums

Memorial Sanctums – 5 year adoption£670
Memorial Sanctums – Renewal for a further 5 years£341
Memorial Sanctums – 10 year adoption£910
Memorial Sanctums – Renewal for a further 10 years£455

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