A selection of Kerb Memorials

Why have a Kerb Memorial?

Kerb Memorials are a very popular choice at Chesterfield Crematorium and are situated in front of the strewing heaths at the Crematorium. There are 31 heaths representing each day of the month.

Traditionally, ashes are strewn on the heath corresponding to the date of death.

This is a tradition that is evolving and now many people choose to strew ashes on a heath of their choice, maybe an anniversary or birthday.


  • Cremated remains of loved ones can be strewn on these heaths.
  • Kerb Memorials can be leased for either 5 or 10 years to commemorate their passing.
  • The Kerb Memorial can be situated on the heath of your choice as indicated on the application form.
  • A polished granite tablet for an inscription is included with the Kerb Memorial.
  • The plaques are approximately 19cm x 12cm (8” x 5”) with a maximum of 75 letters and numbers permitted on the plaque.

Order process

The download Order Form provides a simple way for you to order your Kerb Memorials.

Download the Kerb Memorial application form [pdf / 148KB]


From 1st January 2020

Kerb Memorials

Kerb Memorial – 5 year adoption£390
Kerb Memorial – Renewal for a further 5 years£200
Kerb Memorial – 10 year adoption£474
Kerb Memorial – Renewal for a further 10 years£325

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